What makes JMtel valuable to our customers:

  • Delivering pertinent and actionable data on wireless networks.  You get the right data for making the best decisions.
  • Providing tools to gather important data on wireless networks.  Gather the right information – resulting in the right decisions
  • Custom tools for focused network discovery.  The right data in the best format.
  • Lower cost and higher accuracy data remotely gathered and crowd sourced.
  • We know Government cellular/wireless communications.
  •  IoT and 5G expertise to advise your business and rollout decisions

Ask us.  We can help.  If not our solutions, we know the best solutions. We are consultants you can count on.

What we do best

We place value on providing solutions that we are proud of. At JMtel, we are honest and fair and keep the needs of our customers first by focusing on what is best for them now and down the road. We have built our profitable business by looking at the long-term success of our clients.

Key Offerings

We offer expert advice, tools, custom solutions, and independent opinions on this subject.  We offer best-in-class solutions in this space including: Anite Network Testing Nemo Tools, Bittium mobile phones, TrustedTel Mapper, DGS spectrum analyzers, and Teraquant’s Safkhet network loading and monitoring solutions.


Know Your Network

With hard work within the international mobile and wireless marketplace, JMtel has developed a unique foundation of experience, network of contacts, and knowledge of advanced solutions. 


Making an Impact

JMtel proudly supports 4 A Rainy Day Organization. The 4 A Rainy Day Organization exists to provide enrichment programming and activities for children. Our goal is to help children to live fuller lives. By enriching the daily lives of children with games, activities, stories, experiments, and projects, we strive to make a difference.